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Preventing Fly Infestation

Brian Parker Services offers a flying insect pest control service for all forms of flies. Flies cannot eat solid food, so to soften it up they vomit on it. Then they stomp the vomit in to form a liquid, adding a few germs for good measure. After this they suck it all back up again, dropping some excrement at the same time. And then when they’ve finished eating-it’s your turn.

Cluster Flies

Adults live harmlessly out of doors in summer but may enter buildings (usually roof spaces and lofts but also through windows into rooms) in autumn to hibernate, sometimes in vast numbers. Other unrelated species may also cluster.

They may be severe nuisance if large numbers of adults enter inhabited parts of buildings.  Some buildings are infested each autumn year-after-year.
cluster flies are very difficult to control especially pre-adult stages.  Please call us to help with your infestation of cluster flies.


Cockroaches are among earth’s most ancient creatures, surviving floods, fire, famine and nuclear tests. They can live a month without food and two weeks without water, so that infestation is always a significant risk. Being nocturnal, cockroaches spend the day hiding in cracks and crevices around sinks, drains, cookers, backs of cupboards and refrigerator motor compartments; they are vectors of disease such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and poliomyelitis.


Common black ants are a temperate species living in soil or in association with dwellings. They form nests in gardens, under paving stones, in foundations or occasionally within buildings. One queen per nest. Workers are very active foraging on wide range of foods including sweet substances. Young queens leave the nest as ‘flying ants’ to start new colonies each year and are normally found on the wing in clusters during humid afternoons & before thunderstorms both inside and outside properties.

Control is only necessary where ants become a serious nuisance within buildings entering cracks & crevices under doors, windows & air bricks heading towards kitchens!

Just call us and we can deal with them for you in a variety of ways using liquid and powder insecticides. Most people will have a go themselves and buy loads of non-professional products, get frustrated, then call us costing them time and money!

Call us first and save yourself time and frustration!

Pharaoh’s ants feed on meat, cheese, fats, sugar, honey, jam, chocolate and blood. Pathogenic organisms may be transmitted mechanically as the ants feed in unhygienic places including drains, refuse bins and wound dressings. Colonies range from a few dozen to a 300,000 strong ant infestation.

Pharaoh ants always need a professional approach, as the nest will fragment & become two, four and so on! They are not an easy pest to deal with, so be warned!

Thankfully they are not that common.

How do you get rid of ants & stop ant infestation? We offer a service that can effectively provide both and all other forms of insect killer.

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