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Need a New Roof ?

Signs of deterioration on a roof almost always mean that the covering, be it slate or tile, has run the natural course of its life. Patching up here and there is literally no more than a stop-gap exercise that usually just costs you more in the long run. The only sensible course of action is to re-tile the roof, replacing the underlying felting and bring your existing roof up-to-date with new guidelines and codes of practice.

Your roof bears the brunt of the British weather, and is your home’s major protection against damage from sun wind and rain. In its lifetime your roof-will be drenched by more than 760,000 gallons of water weighing approximately 3,500 tons; baked by 90,000 hours of direct sunlight and subjected to at least 20,000 temperature changes.

A worn roof leaves the rest of your home at risk. A defective roof covering that allows water to penetrate may well lead to costly problems with the timber structure if neglected. Water penetration can also result in damaged ceilings and ruined decorations.

Re-roofing is an excellent investment it costs less and is easier than you may think and can add thousands to the value of your home.

Whether it’s new roofing, replacing a slate roof, pitched or flat roofs or asphalt, guttering or fascias, you will be entrusting very critical work on your home or workplace to a company that has the ability and integrity to do the best job possible. No roofing job is too small or too large for us.

As an independent company we are well placed to work within budget and the entire project is managed by the people that own the company.

new roof

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