CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham

The CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham Process

The CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham process is carried out quickly with minimal disruption to homes and businesses. A small camera is inserted into the drain and pushed through the drain. Whilst travelling through the pipe the camera provides the monitor a view of the drain in full colour, so we can pinpoint the problem and find out all the details needed to fix the problem.

What Do Our CCTV Surveys Include?

There are two options:

  1. A visual report where we can go through the tape and clearly point out and verify the cause of the problem
  2. A written report clearly explaining the causes of the problem, accompanied by a detailed computer image of the drainage system layout and a recording on DVD.

We understand that not everybody has technical knowledge so we make sure that our reports are clear and concise and not filled with extensive technical jargon.

Defects or faults will be identified and a recommendation provided on the work that should be carried out.

Brian Parker Services will also provide an estimate for any work which can include structural lining of the existing drainage system

The Equipment

We carry out our CCTV surveys with the latest equipment available. We have the ability to record images onto VHS or DVD format. Our CCTV drainage monitor enables us to view what the camera sees when moving through your drain.

When do I need a CCTV Drain Survey

  1. When considering the final stages of purchasing a property.
  2. If a drain problem re-occurs more than once or twice as in as many months as this would indicate a drain problem with possibly the following: root ball, partially collapsed drain, sediment or general debris.
  3. After any jetting work has been carried out it is advisable for any drainage investigator to carry out a CCTV inspection.
CCTVCCTV Drain Survey Wokingham
CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham
CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham
CCTV Drain Survey Wokingham

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